Moral Relativism in the Dark Knight

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Moral Realism v. Moral Relativism In the movie The Dark Knight, Batman is faced with a new challenge—dealing with the Joker. Batman, and the city of Gotham, views the Joker as a mysterious, sadistic criminal who is a freak of nature. However, the challenge becomes very personal for Batman as the Joker confronts Batman about everything he believes in. The Joker does this because he has a very relativistic view on life. Even though he murders innocent people, tortures others for amusement, and manipulates everyone he meets, he does not view his actions as wrong. In fact, he does not even believe in an absolute right. He believes that everyone else is crazy for thinking that there is a right and wrong that all people should follow, and he …show more content…

It is easy to see why the Joker strongly believes that a sensible life is created by living by his or her own rules, but he is not right. If everyone lived by their own right and wrong, there would be never-ending chaos in the world. People would be doing what they believe is right, and then they would become angry when someone is unfair or cruel towards them. If everyone had a relativistic view, the universe would never be balanced. During

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