Analysis Of The Film 'The Dark Knight'

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A literary convention is a specific pattern like a repetition of a word, phrase, character, or setting. They are recurring patterns in particular literary genres and are present in many novels, short stories, plays, and sonnets. There are many different literary conventions or tropes in the stories that we have read, but I am choosing to write about the film The Dark Knight by Christopher Nolan. There are also many within the film, but the one that stuck out most to me was Jokers famous saying, “why so serious?”. When he says this his tone of voice is almost angry, or he may even sound mentally insane. There are two stories from where The Joker says that the saying “why so serious” originates from. The most notable one is that his father was a drunk and killed his mother. Then his father asks him “why so serious”, and decides he should have a smile, so he put a knife in his mouth and cut his face from ear to ear. This phrase and the way that he says it ends up making people of Gotham more scared then they maybe normally would be. The phrase could also mean that order will never be contained, that somehow someway chaos will always rise. I think that by the different stories about his scar, his actions throughout the film, and by his famous “why so serious?” phrase, Joker is a psychopath who is mentally deranged, yet maybe not insane, and somehow he is very intelligent. The phrase is something that occurs very frequently in the movie. It has also become a very popular saying

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