Morality : An Essential Key Component For One 's A Good Life

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Morality has been instilled in us since birth. These moral “laws” assist us to make “good” decisions and become a productive member of society. It’s an essential key component for one to live a good life. Through this understanding and instilment of a moral foundations, one can live a good life. A good life that includes making the right choices in any given situation that follows our moral grounds. Our moral grounds include assisting others when asked, sacrificing one’s own time for others, and much more. Morals help us understand how to go about making “good decisions.” For example, a situation where a person dropped their wallet by accident, and another person notices the wallet and picks it up. Now, the question is what decision shall …show more content…

We are born in a world where our morals are constantly tested depicted in the first situation of the dropped wallet and with moral foundation we can make the right choices. Our family, friends, and mentors are a foundation where we construct our morals to live a good life. Through their lives, we see the decisions and outcomes of those decisions. In my life, I have observed and applied how those close to me have choose the morally right decisions in their life and found a way to live a good life. From my mother’s prospective, she puts me and my siblings first even though in certain situations she may have to sacrifice her happiness, time, and money for us to be where we are today. My parents lived most of their life in our home country, Ethiopia, where I was originally born back in 1997. During my parent’s pre-adolescent years, life was very difficult as our country needed financial support from allying countries. The entire time, people lived with concept of survival of the fittest. You either had to decide between marriage at a young age or education that hopefully lead to a degree. My mother told me a story of when she was, 19 or 20, she attended school, and worked as a housekeeper for my aunt, and had very little time to study. She sacrificed her time to complete house chores for her family members as they took her in when she was about 8 years old. Her own mother (my grandmother) died a year before they took her in as one of

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