Morality and Character of King Henry V Essay examples

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Morality of King Henry V Throughout the five act in the play King Henry the V, King Henry shows his morality and character through many actions and decisions. King Henry is the most significant characte1r in the play and is known as the protagonist or hero. Henry uses his intelligence and leadership qualities through out the acts and also displays a sense of maturity from his youth days. We are told in the beginning of the play that King Henry used to be very immature, crazy, and not determined as a teenage boy. King Henry is now developed into a successful and hard working king with lots of charisma. Henry has many tough decisions ahead and uses his brilliant mind to do whatever he needs to do to receive the goal. King Henry displays …show more content…

As we read in the play, King Henry has many speeches that were made to determine his English soldiers. For example, Henry refers to his soldiers as more closely impacted names like brother and friend. Henry speaks very sophisticated and pumps up his men to be just as eager to fight as he was. Most of Henry’s speeches were uplifting and had a very happy and fierce tone to them, so not only he would display seriousness and also uplifting attitudes. Henry’s speeches work magic on his soldiers and is a type of manipulation to work with the King to get what he wants. Even though manipulation is usually a harsh term, it is needed when it comes to fighting in a war! King Henry used his words very intelligently to push on the soldiers to fight for their mighty King Henry. One of the last qualities about King Henry that supports his morality was his intelligence. Through out the play King Henry had many big decisions whether it be to go to war, who to bring, when to go, and all these other conflicts. I believe that Henry used his intelligence in many positive ways. When King Henry was about to bring his troops in to fight France, he borrowed a cloak and dressed up as a soldier. I thought this was a very intelligent thing to do because he talked to the soldiers to find out what they were thinking and what was going through their mind. This was a very smart strategy because normally the soldiers wouldn’t speak to the king like they would to each other. Instead of the lies and

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