Mordred: A Short Story

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"How bad?" "Six months suspension from service, and a list of duties I'm too tired to even think about yet. Oh, and we're both under constant surveillance for the time being, though I doubt Arthur intends to enforce that." "I'm sorry, Mordred. If it weren't for me…" "If it weren't for you, I wouldn't be who I am. Let it go, Kara. This is nothing compared with what we almost lost." "I suppose you're right," she said as she settled herself beside him. "But…" "Will you stay?" he interrupted, his expression soft and vulnerable as he reached for her hand. "I don't think I can bear being parted from you again." "I've nowhere else to go, not that it matters anyway. I have no wish to leave." "Selyf?" She avoided his eyes as she shook her head. …show more content…

I'm sorry, Kara." "That's why I went to Morgana in the first place. I don't even know who killed him, I was just frightened and angry. I needed someone to blame." Mordred nodded. "I nearly ended up following her myself, with far less justification than fresh grief. But for all her cruelty, I don't hate her. How can I? She could've done so much good for our kind, yet she's thrown that chance away. I can only feel sadness for so much wasted potential." "I know." "One day, we'll be free. Arthur will see to that." Kara was somewhat less certain, but was willing to wait around and see if the king might indeed accept magic someday. She pushed her lingering doubts aside, putting faith in the fact that Mordred would never serve a man with such tireless devotion without very good reason for doing

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