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Leah E. George Mrs. Gibbs 7th Period AP English 15 October 2015 More Like Don’t Care Generation The Millennial Generation is said to be the “dumbest” generation, according to Mark Bauerlein’s book, The Dumbest Generation: How the Digital Age Stupefies Young Americans and Jeopardizes Our Future (Or, Don’t Trust Anyone Under 30). I believe that is not the case; the Millennial Generation is fully capable of success. Millennials are not “dumb,” as Bauerlein states; we just don’t care enough to apply what we are taught. In Bauerlein’s book, The Dumbest Generation, Bauerlein claims that this generation “knows nothing.” The Millennial Generation, born between 1977 and 2000, are the children of Baby Boomers. Mark Bauerlein says, “The 18-year-old…show more content…
Bauerlein thinks that we “know nothing” because of technology. Being Digital Natives, born into the technology age, of course we are going to use the technology we were given. Mark Bauerlein’s use of the word “dumb” is to try to arouse us Millennials’ feelings, to make us angry. When Bauerlein uses this word he is telling us to use technology in a “smart” way, and not just for the use of social media and entertainment. Bauerlein is not the only scholar who thinks that we Millennials have a technology problem. Scholars believe it is social media that is corrupting our knowledge. Andrew Simmons, a writer for The New York Times, Slate, and The Believer, and a teacher, has noticed that social media helps students write better. “…social networking has actually improved writing-not the product or the process, but the sensitivity and inward focus required to even begin to produce a draft that will eventually be worth editing”(Simmons). When students are using Facebook and Twitter, students are writing comments, writing posts, you are writing. I would say social media inspires the student to read more. “Young people today write far more than any generation before them. That’s because so much socializing takes place online, and it almost always involves text”, says Clive Thompson, journalist, blogger, and technology writer for high profile newspapers such as The New York Times. Along with writing on social media, you are reading
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