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Top Rated Moreno Valley, CA Nightlife: Best Restaurants and Bars

Meta Description: Moreno Valley, California, at the eastern edge of the valley, has some great restaurants and bars to chose from.

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Moreno Valley’s Top Restaurants and Bars

It has been said that there is no end to the valley, that if you manage to get close you will find someone out there in the East erecting another town. Moreno Valley, a city of just over two hundred thousand people may seem as if it just emerged between Riverside and Big Bear in the last two decades, but this town has enjoy a long a diverse history. Many of the bars and restaurants that proudly
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They trim all of their steaks on premises and serve up several platter options that can often feed two or more adults for the price of one. They are also one of the best places in Moreno Valley to get a craft beer or an American lager.

River Kwae Thai Cuisine Named for a lesser known river in Thailand, River Kwae Thai Cuisine satisfies Moreno Valley diners with the best, most authentic Thai cuisine available east of Los Angeles. Between their lunch combination special, their special seafood preparations, noodle dishes, curries, and stir-fry dishes, they are ready to serve anyone looking for something authentic and exotic in Moreno Valley.

Chicago Pasta House An award winning pizza and pasta restaurant that has been faithfully serving Moreno Valley restaurant patrons for several years, Chicago Pasta House may be better known for its stuffed-crust Chicago-style pizza. Founded on recipes declared the best in Chicago and the best in the United States in the early seventies, Chicago Pasta House is happy to satisfy the appetites of Moreno
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They have excellent food, excellent service, excellent drinks, and an excellent atmosphere. Consistently popping up on top lists for everything from Taco Tuesday’s to their margarita specials, Rene’s is worth giving a chance to become your regular bar in Moreno Valley.

Margarita’s Grill If you’re looking for a Mexican restaurant that’s almost better known as a great place to sit and sip margaritas with your friends after work or on a Saturday night, then this is the place for you. Sure they may be equally well know for having great food, a pleasant atmosphere, impeccable service, and for being one of the best catering companies in the area. But, you’ll love them for the margaritas just like everyone else.

Naim’s Lounge and Hookah Bar Naim’s Lounge and Hookah Bar is known for having the best prices and service of any Hookah Bar in Morena Valley. They also have DJs spinning three nights a week and are right next door to some of the best pizza in town as well. This may not be a great spot for you if you’re not into hookah smoking, but if you are you could certainly do a lot
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