Top Rated Fontana, California Area East Of Los Angeles

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Top Rated Fontana, CA Nightlife: Best Restaurants, Bars and Clubs

Meta Description: Read on for a quick list of some of the best places to eat and drink in the Fontana, California area East of Los Angeles.

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Fontana, California has some Great Places to Eat and Drink

Finding a good restaurant to have a meal or a great bar to get your party started in Fontana, California is easy. With so much to choose from in this Eastern suburb of Los Angeles and the nearby area, both locals and visitors should have no problems finding a nightlife spot just right for their needs. From fine dining, to night clubbing, Fontana has it all.

Fontana’s Best Restaurants

The dining scene in Fontana is only limited by the diner’s imagination. There are great ethnic restaurants, excellent fine dining options, a great many casual and fast food options to choose from, and just about everything in between. Read on for our abridged guide to the best restaurants this community has to offer.

Pancho Villa’s Mexican Grill Roundly considered to be on of the first restaurants in Southern California to abandon serving Americanized Mexican food in favor of a more authentic Mexican dining experience, Pancho Villa’s Mexican Grill and Entertainment serves the Fontana area in style. The restaurant was opened by the internationally acclaimed mariachi Francisco J. Jara and he continues to perform

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