Morocco, An Agriculture And Industry Country

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Morocco, an agriculture and industry country, lying in the Maghreb region of North Africa and along with Sahara desert, has a total area of 172,410 square kilometres which is 2/3 as large as New Zealand. It has the gross population of 33,220,000 by the end of 2013. The largest city of Morocco is Casablanca which is located along the coast. Casablanca is actually a popular Moroccan food chain in Auckland. The most successful one is located in Orewa.
Morocco has a history of independence not shared by its neighbours. It was crowded with merchants and businessmen. Nowadays, Morocco is still one of the economic centres and it has the largest transport junction. As Morocco links the central and western area together with the opening coastal area, its regional advantage is giving a big push to the development of economy in Morocco.
The main climate of Morocco is Mediterranean climate. However, thanks to the Sahara Desert, it can experience very dry and long summer period. It can be extremely hot and low moist. After the long summer, winter is actually a time for people to enjoy the comfortable weather. By the same time, thanks to the sufficient moisture weather which is allowed to grown different kind of species , for instance, oaks, moss carpets, junipers, and Atlantic fir which is a royal conifer tree endemic to Morocco.
According to a survey 2014, the largest religions group is taken by Islam with 99%, which has been enjoying popular support. Also because of the large
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