Mortgage Rainmaker Essay

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The Future of the Mortgage Rainmaker
Rising from the ashes of the homeownership crisis, the mortgage industry has never been a hotter commodity.
• The rate differential between the #1 and the #3,000 mortgage company is about $7 a month on a $100,000 loan amount.
• Price and product have never met less, if rates go up 1/8 of a percent for you they go up 1/8 of a percent for everyone else. [I’m not sure what “never met less” means. Also, is it 1/8 of a percent?]
• Clients are willing to switch their alliance – at the click of a web banner – for the slightest benefit (either real or imagined).
• We are surrounded by ocean levels of competition.
• The customer experience is a competitive battleground and your company’s fate is tied to it.
Good news, here’s how to become a mortgage rainmaker.
Say it, and then do it.
Put the …show more content…

They lead the way in our quest to separate our company from an industry that sounds the same.
Declare it.
Be evangelical for the specific “whys” of the brand.
Field leaders vocalize our company’s competitive advantage and strategies to utilize those advantages. We showcase examples of employee success and clients. Stories sell.
Expressing a vision stretches and shapes the organization’s culture. Thoughts and activities become focused and point organizational team members in the same direction. The result – additional gross sales, something we can all appreciate.
Become a craftsman.
Scratching out a 1003 on a napkin, and personally vouching for the client, is light years away from the moving parts required in today’s operational and compliance gauntlet.
Although we love the “back in the day stories” of how files were submitted for processing, structure and systems are now essential for companies to increase performance levels and turn times. What’s the company’s blueprint from touch to transaction? How can you get better at your

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