Most People Know About Or Have At Least Heard About The

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Most people know about or have at least heard about the winter and summer Olympic Games that take place around the world every 4 years. The events held at the Olympics exclude the deaf community due to the use of sound to queue the athletes. Due to this issue in 1924 the deaf community started and held their first Deaflympics, exclusively for only the deaf community. The early pioneers of the international deaf sports movement were Eugène Rubens-Alcais of France and Antoine Dresse of Belgium. Eugène Rubens-Alcais was the founder of the Deaflympics and the first president. He himself who was deaf was just a normal person, who work in automechanics and was very good on a bike. He loved to work with the deaf community and after witnessing the …show more content…

Now the Deaflympics are a global event. Even though it is a global event the United States has only held two summer events which were in Washington, DC 1965 and Los Angeles 1995 and, two winter event which were in Lake Placid 1975 and Salt Lake City 2007. That is half the amount of times the United States has hosted the Olympic games, that currently standing at 8. Throughout the years what is now called Deaflympics went by many other names. It was originally called International Games for the Deaf or International Silent Games, this lasted from 1924-1965. From 1966 to 1999 the event went by the World Games for the Deaf, or sometimes called World Silent Games. It was not until 2001 that these events got the name Deaflympics. A lot of people called it the Deaf Olympics by mistake, but the true name is Deaflympics. There are different levels of being deaf, meaning not every deaf person can participate in the Deaflympics. For a player to qualify to participate they must have hearing loss at least 55db in their better ear. Any device that helps one hear is not allowed to be used at the game. This helps keep everyone on the same level and keeps the games as fair as possible. In the Olympics the athletes are given the “go” by sounds, such as someone shooting a gun in the air or a referee blowing a whistle. That brings the question to mind, how do they go about giving the deaf athletes the “go”? Well the answer is interesting. They use non audible signals such as, blinking

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