Most Powerful Man in 1920's, Al Capone Essay

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Chicago in the 1920’s was known to be a town of relentless parties, alcohol, and violence filled streets. The mastermind pulling the strings was the world’s most notorious gangster, Al Capone, whom utilized the teachings of Frankie Yale and Johnny Torrio to become the most powerful man in the underworld. He was a man of raw brutality and wits, paying off anyone willing to help him grow in power, and kill off anyone who wouldn’t. Al Capone was not like any ordinary criminal, he set out to make the public love him as a person, yet he considered killing to be a part of business. To this day whether or not Capone was a criminal mastermind or robinhood is debatable. What stands firmly is that the Roaring Twenty’s wild demeanor is mainly at …show more content…

He eventually fell behind in class and failed the sixth grade. He continued to slack and eventually his teacher hit him for being disobedient, but to her amazement he strikes her back. He never returns to Brooklyn Elementary, leaving young Capone plenty of time to bond with the streets of Brooklyn. While other kids his age were learning things in school, Capone was learning how to shoot and fight.
In 1910, the Capone family saves up enough money to move to 21 Garfield Place, Park Slope, which was a much better environment. Although the Capone family moved to a better side of town, the hardships continued. Capone helped to support his family by taking on a variety of odd jobs; such as a pin setter and cloth cutter, while maintaining a membership in the local Five Points Gang. Eventually Al Capone, whilst working for the Five Points Gang, grabs the attention of the notorious New York mobster, Frankie Yale. In 1917, Al Capone lands a job working as a bartender, waiter, and bouncer at Frankie’s Harvard Inn. Frankie Yale became a mentor of Al Capone, and he learned a lot from Yale on how to use fear as a method of leadership. While working at the Harvard Inn, Capone found himself in a fight with Frank Gallucio, resulting in three knife wounds on his left cheek. This is where Al Capone’s nick name “Scarface”, which he despised, is derived from.
A short time after, Al Capone meets the love of his life, the Irish Mary Coughlin, whom was a

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