Essay about Mother Knows Best: Termination of Pregnancy

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The issue of whether or not we should allow abortion, or to grant pro-choice has been widely debated in our community lately. This topic is important for the morality of expectant mothers that are dealing with issues of feticide. In recent elections, abortion has become a main point of interest for democrats and republicans. Democrats are mainly pro-choice, while the republicans are preponderantly pro-life affiliates. Different arguments have been discussed as to why abortion should be legal, however, pro-choice is the accurate view point. Abortions should continue to stay legalized, but only for legitimate reasoning’s. But because of the 19th amendment, expectant mothers have the constitutional rights to decide if she wants to terminate …show more content…

If these impregnated rape victims cannot abort, it could lead to many psychological and mental anguish, and just depletes the child’s rate of being healthy. Also if a rape victim became pregnant and she had to keep her baby, she would be forced to explain her pregnancy to everyone. The said women would think of the baby as a product of rape, rather than an innocent, pure baby. Abortion helps ease the trauma of a woman who has been raped. It may not solve rape, but simply transforms the victim, into a culprit.
Mothers these days, for the most part, are becoming younger and younger. In this generation, teens are having kids, and it is socially acceptable. In a 2006 study, according to the Guttmatcher Institute, 35% of abortions were from kids from 15-19. Teens are more irresponsible than ever, and are beginning to have intercourse at a younger age. They often get pregnant, and use abortion as a quick fix to their problems. With this generation’s obsession with technology and media, kids are forced to grow up quicker. With the peer pressure from others their age leads to a messed up, confused generation. Abortion should be allowed for minors because they are not ready to raise a kid by being kids themselves. Carrying a child in teenage years is anatomically

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