Motives Of The Salem Witch Trials

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Maybe one of the oddest circumstances in this country is the Salem witch trials held in 1962. The whole thing started out in 1962 with 2 young girls in the small town of Salem, Massachusetts. It began with the girls acting bizarre, having headaches, and making strange noises. They were seen by various doctors but, none of them could explain the peculiar sickness these girls had. They came to the conclusion that the girls were affected by something supernatural thus, making them to believe it was the work of witches. This lead the whole town to believe that they were living among witches which lead to the witch trials causing more than 100 being jailed and 20 being executed. These witch trials are particular for the fact that Salem was the only place with widespread fear for witches and then, suddenly stopped after noticing they were doing wrong. What the leaders in Salem did was that they used their religious beliefs and fear to cause mass hysteria among the people so that they can gain more power and attract more of the crowd.
One of the explanations for the Salem witch trials was that they were heavily reliant on their religion and beliefs. The people of Salem had Puritan beliefs which meant that they strived for human perfection in the eyes of God. This belief led them to believe that any small imperfection in the body of someone such as a mole or birthmark was the act of you signing an agreement to the devil. They believed in the devil as much as they believed in a God

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