Examples Of Motives For English Imperialism

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C132 Survey of United States History
Griselda Brower
Task 1
A. Motives for English Imperialism
Empires seek various prompts to help them expand their rule to other countries and territories. Amongst these motives include, economic gain, exploratory, political, religious and ethnocentric motives.
Due to the large importation of American crops, England’s population doubled in size. With all the new people migrating to England, people started to compete for food, clothing and housing. This led to inflation of England. The increase number of people looking for works caused a decreased in wages. When landowners raised rents and seizing land, people were forced to leave their homes. Residents were forced to share smallholdings with …show more content…

In 1533, Henry VIII became obsessed with Anne Boleyn. Henry VIII asked the pope to annul his almost 20 year marriage to Catherine de Aragon. When the pope refused, Henry VIII founded his own church. He named is Church of England and he proclaim himself to be the head of the new founded church. People started to move to America where they wanted freedom of religion (Khle, 2009).
In the mid-sixteen century, John Hawkins and Sir Francis Drake raided a fleet of Spanish treasure that was sailing from the Caribbean. Their actions helped influence a war in 1558, where it assisted I n the defeat of a huge Spanish force. After the defeat of the Spanish force, English leader start to consider planting colonies in the Western Hemisphere. They argued that this would be a better way to gain better access to trade good and helped prevent their enemies from dominating in America. Eventually, the Western Hemisphere was controlled by the European Countries. European government took no time in controlling plants, food, landscaping and clothing. After the European government obtained almost all of the political power over 50,000 people fled to America, in hopes of better opportunities (Khle, 2009).
C. Major Ideas and Events that Led to the American Revolution
The American Revolutionary war
The American Revolutionary War started in 1977. It began because of an open conflict between the thirteen colonies and Great Britain. The

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