Movement's Movement In The Movement Of The Civil Rights Movement

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After the abolishment of slavery,African-Americans were promised a life of freedom,liberty,and the pursuit of happiness.Blacks soon came to realize how horribly they were still tied down by white supremacy and everything that had to do with it.From not having the right to vote,poll taxes,vagrancy laws,literacy test,and much more were used to cause less suffrage to African-Americans.Even after Jim Crow,and reconstruction, blacks were still in merciless times.It was the civil rights movement between the 1950’s and 1960’s that not only proved the power of blacks uniting,but how stronger they are as one.From boycotts,sit-ins,and protest,blacks fought for their birth rights.Though these acts contributed tremendously to helping the black race,they did not compare to the many black organizations started during this time as well as after.Though so many were created,they all had one goal in mind,which was to be at the beck and call for blacks in need,and to uplift them during this time of harsh racial discrimination.The most influential African-American organizations in history were the NAACP(National Association For Colored People),UNIA (Universal Negro Improvement Association),and the Black Panther party.
The NAACP was created to ensure political,economic,and social rights for all African-Americans.Though it was a biracial organization,all members wanted to advance justice for blacks,especially in the south.Created in 1909,Many activist and intellectuals came together to form this

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