Movements Throughout History Led by Farmers and the Economy Essay

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The populist movement occurred in the late 19th century, formed from the Grangers movement where its goal was ta movement for people, to change the economic system where it would benefit farmers. The grange movement rapidly declined in the 1870s and was replaced by the farmer alliances. The farmer alliances were more political rather then social. The farmer’s alliance later formed the populist. The populist movement is considered to be an agrarian revolt by farmers and those concerned with agriculture, because in the gilded age many people were moving to rural areas where banks and industrial systems were superior over agriculture. The high tariffs, decentralization of currency, and decreasing crop prices were hurting the farmers. …show more content…

Rather then just farmers and people who and were concerned with agriculture, the progressive movement was much more broad and covered the rights for people that weren’t getting it in the 20th century because of the rapid growth of banking and industries. Although both movements was based on not being satisfied with the government, the populist were part of the Democratic Party while the progressive was a separated part of the Republican Party and were made up of either party and mostly of the urban middle-class. The progressive movement had all the same initial goals as the populist and was also a rejection of Social Darwinism. It focused on having economic fairness such as having equal rights for groups such as woman, African Americans or child labor. The populist ideals lead to the expanded progressive movement, which becomes more successful and more popular. They aspired for an advanced income tax in which the 16th amendment was made. Next, the 17th allowed direct election of the senators from their states. The 18th amendment was passed which prohibited alcohol. The 19th amendment then later allowed didn’t allow discrimination based on sex when voting, which gave woman a chance to finally vote. Amendments 16-19 are known as the progressive amendments. The government also accepted other populist goals such as regulation of banks and industries, reforms in the civil services, a short 8-hour day for labor class. All these goals

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