Movie Analysis : ' Mise En Scene '

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Italian Neorealism was a movement of art, which strived to illustrate the normal lives of the ordinary, working class people in post war Rome, usually with the use of non-professional actors. As one of the best Italian Neorealist film, Bicycle Thieves showed an absolute depiction of the war’s impact on daily life and exposed a world in which sufferings, unkindness and corruption jeopardized the rationality of human beings and action of men (Schoonover). By utilizing a depressing and gloomy cinematography, De Sica implies the somber lives of the poor and their crisis in losing their self-identity and moral conscience as a result of parochial society that make a fetish of personal belongings as a mode of social acceptance. By examining the cinematography, ‘mise-en-scene’ and events in the film, the daily struggles of the working class in post war Rome can be seen through the crisis of masculinity, class struggle, ethical dilemma and a profoundly patriarchal society. Bicycle Thieves gave viewers a clear view of crisis of masculinity within Antonio and this was further highlighted with the presence of a protagonist child in the film. In the film we see Antonio’s struggle to save his expected capability to provide for his family as a man (Ruberto & Wilson). However, the fact that Bruno was employed at the time Antonio got himself a job pointed out his incapability as a man and viewers starts to see Bruno as a small man rather than just a child because he was seemingly adequate

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