Movie Analysis : Sonny 's Blues

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Nahim Jalal

Professor Henny Kim

English 1B

04 September 2014

Hopeless Records Some people might agree that a broken home might be better then no home, or maybe having no home is better then having a hopeless home. The narrator who is unnamed in Baldwin’s “Sonny’s Blues”, is from a home that you can carry good and horrid memories with you. In the short story “Sonny’s Blues”, the narrator along with his entire household all have personal suffering that affect their lives tremendously. Consider that almost everyone has problems in their life and household, weather you are rich or poor. Although we all want the best for our selves, many people attempt to escape depression and suffering in a couple of different ways. In today’s world, African-Americans are still judged based on their skin color. Sure, there is hope to over come pre judgement, it is clear not all black people steal and do drugs to escape suffering. “Sonny 's Blues" describes a particular time in American society, for a black family that struggles to live in Harlem during the 1950’s. Being minorities and living in a ghetto area, they suffer from limited possibilities. "Sonny 's Blues” defines racial issues, suffering from alcoholism and addicting drugs, and responsibility. This is very important, because racism and drugs should not be a way to run from emotional feelings. All in result of living in Harlem, drug dealing happens in the playgrounds near the housing projects, every character is…
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