Movie Analysis : The Movie ' Moana '

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When most people think about Disney movies, their mind often goes to the stereotypical princess movies in which the protagonist wears a pink ball gown. Time and time again these princesses must fight their way through the story in a luxurious ball gown in order to end up with a prince. However, there are many Disney movies that work to challenge these gender stereotypes. The movie Moana is a recent example of a Disney production that works to break the imposed stereotypes placed on children from an early age.
The Moana movie poster in itself is a perfect example of challenging gender expectations. Through the look at the target audience, color, and the context of the poster, one can better understand how Moana challenges …show more content…

The inspiration young girls may gather from the movie poster is amplified by the text above Moana’s head. “Brave Like the Sea.” This text implies that Moana is as brave as the sea, something not often portrayed by other advertisements. “Brave” is a word often applied to males only, leaving females completely out of the narrative that they could ever exhibit this trait. However, this poster flips the switch and boldly states that a female is capable of being brave, and provides a strong example for the audience.
Along with taking on an athletic role, Moana goes against gender stereotypes with her clothing. Typically, Disney assigns various shades of pink or other societally feminine colors to their characters. Moana however, wears a bold red shade. This is significant as not only is it not considered a feminine color, but it is a color associated with bravery and heroism. Disney’s decision to place Moana in red, matches with the text provided on the movie poster. The poster itself is mostly three colors: the blue of the sea, Moana’s red clothing, and the white text. Focusing on the background of the poster, the blue is significant in itself. Blue is heavily considered to be a male color, which can be seen as early as birth when babies are wrapped either a pink or blue blanket depending on their sex. The blue in the poster also goes back to the oar in Moana’s hand. Like mentioned earlier, vigorous water sports are typically

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