Movie Analysis of Grease Essay

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Movie Analysis of Grease In this paper I am going to write about the movie “Grease.” Specifically, on the two main characters Sandy and Danny. I will be describing and analyzing their interpersonal communication, but mainly on the conflict of their communication. At the beginning they Sandy & Danny start off with a great relationship. They meet at the beach during summer break. Thinking they would never see each other again they went their separate ways. But Sandy ends up moving and goes to the same high school as Danny. They don’t know that the other is at the same school until Rizzo, one of the “pink ladies” introduces them to on another at the football pep rally. This is when all the conflict starts. Danny and Sandy are so …show more content…

Danny attempts to impress Sandy by jumping over hurdles but he trips and falls, but Sandy runs to his aide to check to see if Danny is ok. He asks her about having a date for the “big dance” but she states “No”. At this point Danny takes the opportunity to ask her to go with him and she accepts, but states that she did not appreciate the way he treated her the other night. They decide to go to the local restaurant, but before they go in Danny states that he does not want to go in because he does not want people to bother them. And so he says that he would rather go to a place where they could have some privacy. Before they have a chance to leave friends see Danny and Sandy outside and they come out to see them. Sandy asks he Danny would like to come and have tea with her and her family, but Danny replies he don’t like tea. And moments later the two of them leave. The two go to the dance together and are getting along great, until one of Danny’s ex-girlfriend’s arrives with one of his buddies. Sandy asks how he knows this girl and he states it’s “a friend of the family.” Next, Sandy is whisked away from Danny and this ex-girlfriend begins to dance with him. Sandy being visually upset runs out of the gym and leaves. Danny realizing what has happened but continues to dance. Sandy and Danny decide to go and see a movie, and he tells her he is sorry about what happened at the dance. She states she still thinks that

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