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Doc. 1 Scene 1 (TT 61 - Amenuser (User) usr)
This scene is represented in the inner room especially on the lower part of the northern wall which is largely damaged. This part carries a large list of offerings, beneath which to the left hand side, there are the final scene of the opening of the mouth ritual with sacrifice offerings to the right hand side. This scene represents three men holding offerings like a goose, a heart and a bull 's leg.
Doc. 2 Scene 2 (TT 83 - aAmethu aAmTw aAhmos iaH ms)
On the west wall of inner room IJ, most of the scenes are extremely damaged near side I except for the scene which represents funeral Procession facing the goddess of the west. The goddess in this scene is the personification of Hathor. The scene is divided into two registers containing men in boats preceded by shrines while the lower part of the wall is completely ruined. The first register represents two men on a boat, one of them holding a bull 's leg with his right hand trying to pull some water and holding a heart in a vase on his left hand. This scene perhaps refers to removing both the heart and the leg of Osiris from the water.
Doc. 3 Scene 3 (TT 84 Amunedjeh iAm.w-nDH)
The western wall of the passage is decorated with a scene divided into three registers. The first one represents crossing the Nile to the west bank during the funeral Procession directed to the goddess of the west including a boat, a bull 's leg, a heart as well as a shrine at the
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