Movie Review : ' Where 're We Going '

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“Where’re we going?” Castle asked once they were pulled out onto the street. “You,” she started, “Are going home.” He took in a sharp breath and stiffened his tone. “Kate, you’re not doing this on your own. I’m your partner, and I’m going in right beside you.” The muscles of her jaw that weren’t hidden by her chestnut curls visibly tightened, and her gaze remained locked on the road. She let out a shuddering breath, then spoke. “That’s what you said before we walked into that building.” “What…” He stopped as it dawned on him what she was referring to. “Castle, stay here,” Beckett ordered as she strapped on her kevlar vest. He scoffed. “I’ll be fine, I’ll have you with me, plus Espo and Ryan will be backing us up.” “I don’t want to have to watch you, and the boys are going in on the other side of the building, so they can’t either.” She made a small gesture for him to stay, then turned on her heel towards the building where their suspect was. “Beckett, you can’t go in alone.” “I won’t be alone, the boys will cover me.” He lightly grabbed her arm to get her to stop walking. “Beckett, I’m your partner,” he told her, an added meaning shining through in his eyes. “I’m going in right beside you.” She had relented then, allowed him to follow like he always did. Nothing had ever happened to him before, and there was no reason to think that that day would be any different. Their suspect wasn’t even particularly skilled, as far as they had known, but he had been desperate and

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