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Moving Castle 1 When the little prince succeeded to the throne, it was raining all over the country. “Your majesty” The old general with white hair handed the box decorated by gems over to the little prince, “This is what the old king left to you.” The little prince opened the box. Inside the box lied a gold crown and a gold sword. He hanged the sword on his waist, took a deep breath and put on the crown with shaking hands. All the ministers in the room kneeled down and pledged allegiance 2 The old king died three days ago. After disappearing for a whole century, the orcs finally started their aggression of human’s kingdom again, regardless of the peace treaty signed before. The old king, the first human hero and the only solider who can …show more content…

The old king couldn’t fight as well as he did before. His personal bodyguard ran back at his top speed to deliver the news of his death. After arriving at the kingdom and sending the news, he also died exhaustively. Therefore, our only prince succeeded to the throne. “Let’s make the first move! Let’s Attack and Annihilate the orcs!” This is the first order the little prince made after the enthronement. All the ministers frowned reluctantly. After a few seconds of silence, the first minister stepped out to dissuade the little prince. “Your majesty. This is absolutely forbidden. “The first minister said in all earnestness, “Not only are the orcs stronger than us, but also more suitable to fight in this bad weather now.” “So my father just died in vain?” “For the old king’s death, we are even more mournful than you do.” The general also stepped out and spoke, “but we should put our country in the first place. For your impulsive behavior just now, the old king would also have stopped you if he is still here.” “Impulsive?” Subconsciously increasing his volume, the little prince felt irritation, “So simply letting the orcs defeat us is not impulsive? My dad would never let this happen! I want my army ready tomorrow morning and I will lead my soldiers to

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