Bound Of The Handmaid's Odyssey

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The next morning, Ramses woke up feeling refreshed and devoured a meal that'd been left in his room. When the guards Prince Cyrillus assigned to stalk him like a shadow only fell in place behind him and didn't try to stop him, Ramses ventured out of his assigned bedchamber and began to explore Prince Cyrillus' living quarters. Nothing interested him until he found the prince's personal combat field.

Arranged in rows of twelve, one hundred forty-four vases stood in the middle of several weapon racks that offered every type of weapon in existence. Seeing the collection of weapons and the vases, Ramses recalled the days from more than two decades ago, when he'd built a similar courtyard for his own entertainment and challenged his men into a duels atop of the vases.

The vase game was a popular one on Myksos. Also an Elthemian training method,
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When Prince Cyrillus first failed to yank his arm out of Ramses’s hold, the man lifted his eyes to meet Ramses's. Face scrunched into a thoughtful expression, Prince Cyrillus pulled a few more times.

Recognizing the test of strength for what it was, Ramses reciprocated in kind.

After he the lost the tug of war, Prince Cyrillus chuckled, gestured at the weapon rack with his sword and said, "I did hear that you took out a dozen men while chained. Think you can beat me on the vases?"

A kind of delight that Ramses no longer thought himself capable of tugged his heart and Ramses eagerly found a Myksosian two-handed sword in the prince's weapon collection. Once on the vases, Ramses discarded the sheathe and beckoned for Prince Cyrillus to attack. When their swords met for the first time, Ramses said, “Perhaps you feel uncomfortable because you think I am a tool your brother will use against you."

“You think there’s rivalry between me and my brother?”

“There’s always rivalry between siblings,” said
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