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Since I was a kid in elementary school, shyness was part of who I am since. My mother had to go to the parents meeting each year telling my teachers that I am very shy. Because sometimes I would go home crying because one of my teachers told me to say something in front of the whole class. She would go and tell them not pick on me during class or take away participation points. Whereas my family and I had to move to the United Stated when it was time for me to go to high school. Unfortunately, my mother card could not work for high school. During my four years of high school the word “speech” and “presentation” always scared me just like a clown scaring a little kid. Hearing, those two words from my teacher, I automatically start stressing …show more content…

I ended up missing a lot of information that I should have put it on the PowerPoint. Even my teacher said wrote down on the grading paper that the book was very good and the topic was very interesting but I did not portray this in the PowerPoint and my presentation was not given a way to really give the book it’s true value. The problem was not me not knowing the book, the problem was that I got so stressed about presenting the book so I messed it up. Shyness did not only affect my academic life but also my social life. Most of my really close friends and my best friends always had a wrong first impression of me when they first met me. Many of them view me first as full of myself and sassy since I usually do not go to people that I do not know very well. After my friends and I get to know each other very well and become close they come and tell me that at the beginning they thought that I was cocksure and mean but that once they knew me better they found out that I am just very shy. Even after I grew up and starting college, I am still the same as shy as it can

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