Mozart And Beethoven

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Mozart and Beethoven are two of the most famous composers all over the world. Even after their death, their music is still studied and enjoyed. They had various styles of composing music and performing. Mozart and Beethoven were born with talents of musical abilities and displayed them early in their lives. By the age of five, Mozart managed to play on both the piano and violin very well. When Beethoven was born, Mozart was already a well-known and respected composer. His father forced him to practice the piano for hours a day hoping that he would be like Mozart.
Mozart is well-known for composing operatic, symphonic, and choral music. He composed more than 600 pieces of music; many of them are still recognizable today. His musical style …show more content…

He is known to be the greatest composer of the Western region. However, there is a significant difference in music styles between both of them. Beethoven went beyond his teachers Mozart and Haydn to create the romantic style. This style helped the composer to express many different feelings he or she wanted to get across. In addition, it had a great influence on Religious controversies and played an important role in the Western hemispheres subjectivism that helped many people question their beliefs and the beliefs of others.
Mozart and Beethoven are similar in studying Joseph Haydn’s classical music style to create their symphonies. Both of them used the form of Sonata to persuade their own beliefs not only in the Church but also in government. In fact, Beethoven borrowed many of Mozart's pieces when composing his own. He was extremely influenced by Mozart. A good example of this can be noticed when listening to Beethoven's Piano Concerto No. 3 in C minor, Op 37. From the beginning, one can hear elements of Mozart's Piano Concerto No. 24 in C minor K. 491. The two pieces are also in the same …show more content…

Since Mozart had a large impact on Beethoven, there are many comparative elements both of them. Mozart’s style is characterized by simplicity, clarity, precision, and balance. His music is comfortable and very light. The sound of his music is very clear and pleasant to the ears. He wrote music that can be played by those with less technical skills. Beethoven’s works were influenced by Mozart’s pieces, but his style was very different from Mozart’s because he was a moody and lonely man. He created his music with no one in mind, and the sound of his music is marked by variations and changes. His works were harder to play for those who are not technically

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