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Throughout my career in the social sector I worked with a variety of for-profit companies; over the last few years I’ve noticed interesting trends. Corporations are changing how they structure and evaluate philanthropic partnerships and fewer and fewer organizations are opting to donate through traditional methods. Social entrepreneurs are even integrating philanthropy into their business models. Just consider, big names such as Toms and Seventh Generation and newer start ups like Bombas (a sock company that donates socks one-for-one for every pair they sell). One-time event sponsorship and foundation giving seems to be losing ground to newer, innovative community investment strategies. These shifts have encouraged non-profits, including …show more content…

I want contribute to these discoveries, but I need an MBA to continue my trajectory.

Following college, I moved to Portland, Oregon and looked for ways to continue developing my skills and fostering my passion for social responsibility. I started at Impact NW as an AmeriCorps member, where I served two terms helping run the AKA Science program. In my role, I managed hundreds of volunteers, wrote curriculum, and trained instructors; but above all, I learned how to work with corporate partners. Aided by corporate volunteers, our program served thousands of students each year. I quickly realized the importance of establishing meaningful, long-term relationships. Companies gave back to our community and in return we provided them a chance to hold an engaging experience for their employees. Every committed corporate team we cultivated helped us build capacity and redirect vital resources back into our program. We also encouraged volunteers to share their skills and as a result they would provide us with amazing insights. For example, one group of volunteers from Nike world headquarters helped streamline our processes by sharing ideas from their work in lean manufacturing. These experiences sparked something for me and I realized that my strengths as a creative thinker and a leader and my passion for giving back unite.

Upon completing my final AmeriCorps term, I joined Impact NW as a staff member. Years,

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