Mr Bulls Letter Essay

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I read a letter that you had received from Mr.Bull and I am writing to complain about my dissatisfaction about his letter. Firstly, I had difficulty in reading his letter full of stereotypes about Swedish people. He even refers that Swedish people behave like pigs when they are drunk and he is clearly being verbally assaulting. I tried to contact your company about getting his letter removed from the newspaper but the company set up a new registration facility and I found the new registration system totally useless and your newspaper website refused to accept my account application several times. Secondly, Mr Bull expresses himself, as he knew everything about Sweden and about Swedish people. I totally disagree with his opinions that swedes treat each other as objects and not people. Swedes are known as shy people and maybe their shyness can be misinterpreted because swedes are genuinely kind hearted people. I am also concerned about his lack of understanding and many people start humiliating individuals when they have generalized negative. Therefore I think that …show more content…

To create a certain impression and make a correct statement takes time and I don’t think that Mr. Bull stayed in Sweden for so long to make a correct statement about Swedish people. Therefore it is not up to him to decide how swedes interact with other human beings. I expect that you remove Mr. Bulls letter from the newspaper because there are many impressionable young people out there that may get a wrong picture about the Swedish people. In addition, many swedes out there may read this letter and take offence. I would also appreciate if the newspaper company would investigate about this problem to prevent a similar incident from recurring - not only on my behalf but also on behalf of other customers. Thank you for your prompt attention to this matter and I look forward to hearing from you soon with a full resolution to my

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