Mr. Cry's Room Analysis

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It is only fair to start off saying that it is more difficult than one would originally image to create a new world, and even harder to cultivate it when you are aware of its actual reflection to reality. It is all the craze nowadays to build a story around the generic post apocalyptic world, complete with common day problems and new ones like radiation, zombies or complete anarchy. In saying this one would not expect the overwhelmingly engulfing story Mr. Burns brought to the table. Mr. Burns not only took on a popularized idea and made it better by challenging the typical events and characters of a post apocalyptic world. The beginning elements of every story is its believability, something driven by dialogue and the actors’ commitment to the role. From the second the …show more content…

Body language and use of vocabulary spoke to it being a different time where things had become more developed, evolving from the necessities to a more freeing state. Being a small space there were no mics but none were really needed, everyone in the cast speaking at a pace and sound easily taken in. Some voices later utilized such as that of Mr. Burns, Itchy and Scratchy required different influctuations and tones, adding to the characters’ identities and driving the point of their existence. Some challenges might have included the adaption of the voices, being so different from their normal voices as well as the screaming that went on periodically. The second act dipped into singing and movement before completely diving in during the third act, a turn that could have gone quite wrong if not executed in the manner it was. The singing was as enthralling as one would expect from an already recorded soundtrack, making it even more impressive live. Complemented by the use of both realistic and more musically driven sounds it was like honey for your

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