Mr. Westby Reader Response

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“Write about something that will appeal to the Readers’ emotions.” Who knew that those words would not only confuse me, but they would lead to candid concise clarity. These words were spoken by my English Teacher my sophomore year of High School, yet she was so much more than just my school teacher. She believed in me when I didn’t even believe in myself.
As a little girl, I was forced to grow up way before my time. I never had the ability to forgive and let go. I was suffocated with the memories of my past. Mrs. Westby, my English Teacher, could tell that my writings only scratched the surface. She asked me to stay after class the day she announced our writing prompt. I did as she requested. Later that day, she sat me down and asked me several questions. I answered most surface level, afraid to let anyone see that I was broken.
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It showed me how to express my thoughts and innermost being through writing. I fell in love with writing my trials, my experiences, and my past. I learned how to finally accept the things I couldn’t change about myself, but learned that with courage, I could change who I was into who I knew I wanted to be. Writing gave me my escape. After Mrs. Westby’s interrogation, I was only writing about an apartment. White walls. Two bedrooms. Two bathrooms. There are millions more just like it everywhere you look. For some reason, this one held so much power over me. The memories are etched clearer in my mind than what happened yesterday. I went on to describe an encounter with my sister, Jessica, when she was addicted to Crystal Meth. It was a ten year olds story of brokenness, written by a 15 year old. This little girl was forced to grow up way to fast. I remember tears streaming down my cheeks while releasing my heart on
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