Mrs : 325 Authorship, Purpose, And Literary Structure Of Acts

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MRS: 325 Authorship, purpose, and literary structure of Acts Authorship The Book of Acts has not precisely ascertain its writer. Luke 1:1-4 and Acts 1:1-3, can evidently show that the matching writer authored possibly The Book of Luke and The Book of Acts. This history through the oldest era of the church appears to have been that Luke, an associate of the apostle Paul, authored both the Luke and Acts (Colossians 4:14; 2 Timothy 4:11). Luke’s name was mentioned 3 times in the New Testament. We could conclude that Luke would have been a Gentile. And naturally this fits what we deduced previous: the writer was obviously a knowledgeable person who had been not an apostle however, who had previously been affiliated with them. There are also other evidences that proves the authorship pf The Book of Acts was written by the same person. Both of the Book of Luke and Acts were written to the same person Theophilus. Both Luke and Acts showed strong similarity in language and writing style. Luke and Acts showed mutual interest. (Fairchild) (Wallace) The Book of Acts was likely written between 61 and 64 A.D. Paul’s incarceration in in Rome for 2 years concluded The Book of Acts. It has not indication of important events that talks about Paul’s trial, the fire in Rome in AD 64, execution of Peter and Paul around AD 67 and ruin of the temple around AD 70. This simply clarify these unmentioned events from the book would presume that the Book of Acts was written before those events

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