Mrs Ames 's Life Is Filled With The Feeling Of Anguish And Abandonment

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Mrs Ames’s life is filled with the feeling of anguish and abandonment, and these feelings shape her into an existentialist. There is no doubt that Mrs Ames lives in a wealthy environment: villa, maidservant, and she does not even need to go to work for a living. However, she is still suffering from her life because Mrs Ames struggles between two thoughts: being a wife who is responsible for her husband, or being a woman who is responsible for herself. In the story “Astronomer’s Wife”, Mrs Ames is busy with her housework all day long, and her husband, an astronomer, is immersed in his astronomical world and rarely communicates with her. Although her husband looks indifferent to her, as a wife, she keeps her loyalty with her family and husband. At the beginning of the story, when the plumber comes to her house, her arms are exposed, but she “put on her white and scarlet smock very quickly and buttoned it at neck” (Boyle 1) shows that she is not a dissolute wife. I think this action proves that Mrs Ames and the plumber attract each other in the rest of the story not because of she is a loose woman, but something opens her mind, something she have never had before. Moreover, I think the color of Mrs Ames’s cloth represents her different personalities potentially. The “white” means colorless which is image of her real life, and as a wife, she believes that she belongs to this: apathy and despair. In to the contrary, as a woman, she wants a “scarlet” life: colorful, passion, and

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