Mrs Auld Character Analysis

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The introduction of Mrs. Auld in chapter six of Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass is one that hold a lot of importance not only to Douglass but to the reader as well. Douglass portrays her in a way that allows her to be human. The reader is allowed to not only see the change in her but to experience it. The rhetoric surrounding her even changes as she does. At first, Douglass uses emphasis when she is first introduced, this is done by stating the same idea about the character in various places within the first paragraph. As her character changes, Douglass uses juxtaposition to switch his rhetoric to turn Mrs. Auld to stand for a bigger concept rather than just a human. Douglass in a literary sense holds the reader’s hand by explaining Mrs. Auld’s change step by step of what Mrs. Auld was, what she became, and what happened in between to cause it. Douglass uses the presence of Mrs. Auld to demonstrate the dehumanizing effect that power has on the nature of a human.
Douglass uses emphasis to set up the character of Mrs. Auld for an explicitly straightforward change in human nature. He places emphasis on the initial evaluation of her kind and gentle character. Within the first sentence of the opening paragraph Douglass describes her as “- a woman of the kindest heart and finest feelings.” (Douglass 19), he goes on to states “I was utterly astonished at her goodness” (Douglass 19) in the same paragraph. This duplication of the same idea is used as a que for the reader

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