Mrs. Mallard In The Story Of An Hour

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In "The Story of an Hour", the main character, Mrs. Mallard goes through the underlying conflict of unusual emotions after she receives news that her husband has died in a railroad disaster. Mrs. Mallard has a heart condition in which bad news can kill her, so the news has to be delivered to her sensitively. When the news is broke to Mrs. Mallard, she does not react as a widow should. After she is informed of her husbands death, Mrs. Mallard does not refuse the news, as most widows would, but she cries her eyes out and runs to her room to be alone. When Mrs. Mallard goes to her room to be alone, she does not grieve. After Mrs. Mallard realizes that she not sad about the death of her husband, she becomes very overwhelmed with freedom. Although Mrs. Mallard surely had love for her husband, she was not in love with him. Mrs. Mallard becomes a new person in her exciting thoughts of freedom.…show more content…
Mallard floats out of her room on a high, from her new desire of freedom. She feels that she is a stronger person in her excitement of new life. As Mrs. Mallard is on a high from all her new thoughts of freedom, she meets her sister and goes back downstairs. When she gets downstairs, Mr. Mallard walks in the door. The news of Mr. Mallard being alive shocks everyone. The shock takes an instant reaction on Mrs. Mallard. Seeing Mr. Mallard killed her, because of her weak heart. Doctors come to the ironic conclusion that Mrs. Mallard died "of the joy that kills". Mrs. Mallard was so excited about the opportunity of freedom that her new life held, she was crushed by the news of her husband being alive. The irony is in the doctors conclusion of her death. They say she died of "the joy that kills", assuming that she was filled with joy that her husband was alive, when in reality she was filled with joy over his death. So, the doctors were still right about her cause of death, but not for the right
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