Ms. Lieberman Case Paper

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The following information should be shared with Ms. Lieberman¶s provider when calling about her response to the blood. Situation: Dr. McGuire, this is Esther -
RN. I am taking care of Ms. Lieberman in room 5206. She is a 36-year-old client admitted from the ED today for a GI bleed. She¶s had one unit of packed RBCs and part of the second unit of blood. I stopped the second unit because I believe she is having a transfusion reaction. Her baseline temperature was 98.6 and is now 101.8. Ms. Lieberman reports having a headache, chills, and is restless.
She does not have any evidence of a rash at this time.Background: Ms.
Lieberman has a history of Crohn¶s disease and intermittent gastritis. Six months ago she had an ileostomy and started on infliximab IV every 8 weeks.
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When she arrived to the medical surgical unit, her BP was 94/56 and her pulse 110, but now her BP is 110/70 and her pulse is 110. At this time, her respirations are 26, her SaO2 is 97%, and her temperature is 101.8. I have discontinued the second unit of blood and plan to send both the bags of blood to the lab per protocol. I hung a new bag of 0.9% sodium chloride to keep the line open.Recommendations: Ms. Lieberman is requesting ibuprofen for her headache, which would also bring her fever down.
Could I have an prescription for an antipyretic, and do you want to continue the
IV infusion of 0.9% sodium chloride at 150
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