Mt. Everest Essay

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Mount Everest 1996

In 1996 two expedition adventure organizations joined operations to climb Mount Everest. Mount Everest is an unpredictable “800 pound gorilla” that demands respect from all that would attempt to achieve a fraternal summit acquisition. The pitfalls that await an assuming prepared expert can turn a well laid out plan into a treacherous and lethal reality. The expedition to reach the summit on May 10th, 1996 is a blue print of the defiant forces of nature and human error.

Two companies joined together to make the journey to the summit of Mount Everest in the spring of 1996. Both companies had expert climbers and guides that had reached the …show more content…

The weak points stand out far more now than they did in 1996, way more. The decision that their would be only one person to call all the shots regardless of what anyone else thought was a big sign of possible failure. There did not seem to be any emphasis on customer satisfaction. History is littered with the ruins of countries and people who followed blindly or wrongly without question, discussion, or refusal to agree. No decision was made to have a second in command if the leader became incapacitated. Arrogance had no role in an expedition of this magnitude. Experienced climbers with concerns were stifled and kept their opinions to themselves. The whole idea of recruiting multiple experienced personnel in any organization is to allow them to make the organization better. It was clear that there could only be one alpha dog in this expedition. People who hid the fact that they were too unfit or healthy to make the attempt should have stepped down. Anyone who can not make it on their own becomes a liability. There appeared to be a disregard for the needs of the clients and the climbers who had reservations. The communication devices were either too old or too few to accomplish the task at hand. Even with the limited technology that was used, the application of it would have had to be deployed precisely to achieve appropriate

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