Mu2.8 Contribute to the Support of the Positive Environments for Children and Young People

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MU2.8 Contribute to the support of the positive environments for children and young people
3.1 Explain how to effectively care for children and young people’s skin, hair and teeth
In every setting it is essential that children’s learning curriculum for personal care covers their skin, hair, teeth and overall personal hygiene.
When teaching about skin, children and young people should be encouraged to wash their hands after using the toilet or before eating. We should also encourage them to wash themselves in the morning and before bed. Encouraging children to wash their faces (having individual flannels) is a good way to enforce this. We must point out to them the importance of the water temperature so they know the difference between
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Head Lice can often be an issue in my setting. If a child is infected with head lice it is important that a note is sent home with all children in the class to ensure all parents stay vigilant, so if the spread they can be treated immediately. This will help to stop them spreading. Advice might be given to parents and special combs or ointments must be used to kill them.
Ensuring children know about the importance of keeping their teeth clean and healthy from an early age is equally important. We must ensure they know how and when to clean their teeth and by the time they are older, brushing their teeth twice a day should become part of their routine.

3.3 Explain how a positive environment and routine meet the emotional needs of children and their families

When considering a child’s needs and routines in your setting, it is important that we communicate with the parents and find out a little about the home setting so we can carry it on when they come into our care, the more we talk to the parents the more we can help the child’s emotional needs and routines.
If parents are working full time and the child is in our care all day, the parents may require the child to have a sleep or rest period throughout the day. This will enable the parents to have more time to spend with the child in the evening when they are at home. Depending on the parents requests really comes down to how much rest time the child will have in the

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