Much was Accomplished through the Industrial Revolution

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The Industrial Revolution accomplished far more than just revolutionizing the factory system. Even though industrializing managed to drastically increase efficiency of labor and intensely lower the prices of goods, it wholly transfigured the social relationship of the labor intensive working class. Dawley and Faler examine the historical effect of the workers that adopted the newfound ethics and personalities of their thriving, higher-class employers and people that used these morals to rebel against the new industrial system. Dawley and Faler favored the town of Lynn, Massachusetts as the perfect example of these different types of working people coming together. While each different city underwent industrialization in its own way, Lynn had “… this tripartite division between rebels, loyalists, and traditionalists appeared everywhere as the basic cultural cleavage among American working people through most of the nineteenth century.” (Dawley 76) All of the different classes of working men were present at Lynn, and therefore gave the best example of how these people influenced society in the Industrial Age. The biggest influence on the creation of these new labor groups was a “new industrial morality” that favored “…self-discipline, self-control, and self-reliance.” (76) This new capitalistic ethical code held a person accountable to their own actions, gave reward for hard work, and made yourself solely responsible for how you worked and lived your life. Rather than change

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