Mul An American Animated Musical Released By Disney

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Mulan is an American animated musical released by Disney in 1998 during the third wave of feminism. This would explain why at first glance, Mulan appears to be a feminist film encouraging the empowerment of women. Despite positive feminist images, the film is not free from gender stereotypes. While the film is progressive by straying from the usual “damsel in distress” storyline, a closer analysis shows that it isn’t as feminist as it first appears. Mulan reinforces a masculine construction of gender. Next, the film emphasizes stereotypical feminine qualities. Lastly, the film displays how hard it is to escape stereotypical gender roles. At the beginning of the film the main protagonist Fa Mulan, is portrayed as a misfit tomboy. Mulan is cast in the stereotypical role of house keeper, in charge of cleaning the house and caring for the livestock. Mulan is betrothed to a man whom she has never met in order to uphold the family honor. Mulan reinforces female gender roles in the song; you’ll bring honor to us all, in which Mulan is being prepared to meet the matchmaker who will decide who Mulan is set to marry. “A girl can bring her family Great honor in one way. By striking a good match And this could be the day. Men want girls with good taste, calm, obedient. Who work fast-paced. With good breeding and a tiny waste, You’ll bring honor to us all.” This song emphasizes the idea that women can only bring honor to their family by becoming a bride. This

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