Multicultural Conflict Can Have A Positive Or Negative Effect On Interpersonal Relations

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Culture involves more than the language someone speaks, the food they eat, or the clothes they wear. Different cultural groups can also include nationalities, ethnicities, religions, sexual orientation, and gender. It is through being indifferent that often people with various multicultural differences may begin to experience conflict, as many people continue about their day-to-day activities without regard to the multicultural diversities around them. Intolerance, of course, leads to acts of hate being committed against those who may be seen as “different” or “dissident” towards another’s way of life. There have been many cases of hate crimes being committed and groups that have been established whose sole priority is to preach intolerance and hate to those who are different. Depending on the outcome and how things are “resolved”, multicultural conflict can have a positive or negative effect on interpersonal relations. How does someone resolve multicultural conflict? Through research of various journal articles it has become clear that if multicultural conflict does not get resolved with healthy resolutions, such as education, understanding, and communication it can not only have detrimental effects on a person, but on society as a whole.
Defining Multicultural
Multiculturalism generally means the existence of several “accepted” cultural and/or ethnic groups within society. Schmalleger (2015) defines multiculturalism in America as, “the existence within one society

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