Multitasking Cause And Effect Essay

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Multitasking effects on Students and Differences Between Genders

In todays day and age, we are exposed to an incredible amount of stimuli. Whether it be from advertisements on billboards or our handheld electronic devises that grant us wide ranges of entertainment. Being a current undergraduate student, it seems to be harder than ever to be able to sit down and focus on a single task or source of entertainment. Why would you limit yourself to only watching a football game on television, if you could watch the football game and scroll through social media as well. Habits of multitasking with media have significantly increased during the 2000’s because of the growing uses of information and communication through technology(Roberts, Foehr, & …show more content…

In a three hour window, students were distracted thirty five times in that three hour window. These distractions took up nearly 1/6th of the study time (Ackerman, Calderwood, & Conklin, 2014). If multitasking is making it harder to study, why would students do it? A study found four main reasons why students multitask with media. Students find that multitasking is more task efficient, it can be entertaining, it enables people to connect with peers, and some can be addicted to multitasking in general( Knononva, Chiang, 2015). While multitasking is becoming more and more abundant, the question whether it is helping or hindering studying is still in question. How well can humans retain information while focusing on multiple sources at the same time. Is it truly plausible that we can read and retain information while being distracted by other sources of information. Trying to determine the effectiveness of multitasking and finding a valid conclusion to it’s effectiveness, could possibly help us better understand our capabilities as humans. These finding could help us construct expectations and reveal limitations of our capabilities as humans. Doing this could help us create better study habits and display a correct way to operate as

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