Essay on Municipal Solid Waste a.k.a. Trash

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Municipal Solid Waste
Municipal Solid Waste (MSW) is what is commonly known as trash or garbage. The continents of Municipal Solid Waste consist of array of inorganic, organic, human solid waste, and hazardous materials. It has been said that in earlier history of waste management used open dumps as the popular method of waste deposal. The waste method used to make deposal of the waste during pre-industrial were not advanced at all ,however, overtime this has changed dramatically modern landfills are complex enterprises now. Solid waste landfills are now built to be environmentally friendly and have a higher protection against contaminants and motoring groundwater contaminants (Landfills, 2014). In the modern landfills there is consists …show more content…

Was everything associated with the early landfills great? No, the problems associated with early landfills consist of toxins contaminating the soil and groundwater, leachate pollution, and greenhouse gases releasing methane into the atmosphere. Leachate travels through drains and water percolates material can be extremely harmful to the water supplies (Editorial Board, 2014). It is imperative that the various pollutants be prevented from contaminating groundwater resources. Methane is release into the atmosphere from landfills; paper waste, household waste, and food waste deposed of and can produce methane release is highly flammable and extremely dangerous. Incomplete decomposition is the complete breakdown of carbon dioxide, water, and carbon compounds (M.U.S.E, 2013). What is settling it has been said that settling is the decomposition of waste. The Altamont Landfill one the baggiest landfill operating it is also an electricity-generating landfill with gas-powered turbines and windmills. The waste that is processed at this particular site “non-hazardous municipal solid wastes, non-hazardous industrial and special wastes, de-watered wastewater treatment plant sludge (bio solids), treated auto shredder wastes, contaminated soils, liquids for solidification, and friable asbestos wastes as noted by (Altamont Landfill (n.d) .” The Altamont

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