Narrative Essay On The Garbage City

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“Rise! Rise against those who oppress us. Rise and fight!” These bodiless words reverberate through my ears and carries on over the miles and miles that forms the junkyard. Out of instinct, everyone ignores it, keeping their head down, as they sort through scrap metal and broken machinery. Seconds later, the yelling starts from the control tower, followed by a short scream and lots of gunfire. A few individuals around me stiffen, daring a glance at the tower.
I don’t.
It was expected. Random killings always follow these unruly messages. If it defies the Angelic Order, then it’s shooting time. The guards instantly kill the nearest humans as if that’s going to fix the problem.
Cruel and unnecessary but it’s the way of life.
I knew from experience the gunshots and screaming would follow. I was there in town square of Garbage City when this same message played for the first time. It created quite a panic, for the demons. For humans, it was as if someone flipped a switch in their brains and they went crazy, rebelling.
At least ten demons died that day.
However once the carriers showed, blowing people up, most people got smart and stopped. I managed to hide through this whole ordeal and by evening, I was cleaning up bloody bodies off the streets. Over a hundred humans died that night, couple hundred injured. It was a complete mess.
And that was only the beginning of these strange messages. Every time it played, a few people would rebel and twice as many people would die. It’s

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