Murder Essay

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It was 12 A.M when Jenna and her boyfriend Jack went out on a date Sunday night having so much fun together. Jenna and Jack were having a picnic in a room at the park in Downtown Laredo. This particular room had a huge sign that said, “Do Not Enter,” and 2two dirty, blurry windows, but they went in any way. They decided to take a radio, so then it wouldn't be so quiet. They turned up the radio and listen to a random talk show. The radio station was talking about how people started missing over the week and that there have been over 20 deaths in the past month. Nobody knew exactly why this was happening. It was a mystery yet to be solved. Everyone in Downtown started leaving and people began to move out. “No wonder the traffic feels …show more content…

The knock came back once again. Jack opened the door and ran outside in an instant second. There was no one there. “How could it be,” asked Jack. “It is physically impossible to run that fast around the room and hide,” said Jenna. “Who is out there, show yourself,” shouted Jack. “What are we waiting for, we need to leave now,” said Jenna. Jack refused to leave until he found out who ruined their date. The knocking stopped for like 20 minutes and they tried coming up with a plan on how to catch this thing. All of a sudden, they heard a loud, heavy slam on the ground, but it didn’t sound like one item but many items. Jenna started crying and asking to leave. Jack said no until he found out who it was. Jack felt like going outside and looking for clues. When he stepped out the door, he couldn’t believe his eyes. There was broken, bloody arms and legs lying on the ground that spelled “I Want You Back.” He screamed loudly and ran back inside. “What a nightmare,” said Jack. “Not so manly anymore huh?”, Said Jenna. Jack couldn’t stop thinking about it. He thought it was probably a kid messing with them or trying to prank them. “I don’t think a prankster would go this far,” said Jack. Jack and Jenna decided to finally make a run to their car

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