Murder On A Sunday Morning: Brendon Vs. Florida Case

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Murder on a Sunday Morning
Murder on a Sunday Morning, a documentary based on the case "Brendon vs. Florida," which is one of the most mishandled cases in America. In this documentary, a 15-year-old African American male named Brendon Butler, was arrested for the murder of a German female tourist named Mary Ann Stevens. The incident took place on May 2000, in Jacksonville, Florida, and was handled in one of the most unprofessional, unimaginable manner conceived.
The plot originated from the incident of Mary Ann Stephens, a 65-year old tourist from Georgia being shot dead by a black assailant. The police arrested the first 'convenient black culprit' available, Brendon Butler, who was on his way to a job interview. The Butler was subsequently …show more content…

First, I learned that there tends to be a correlation between the chronic offenders and criminals that commit major crimes. However, this does not makes sense with the documentary. The real criminal, Juan Curtis, had committed several other crimes and had been arrested before. However, compared to Juan Curtis, Brenton Butler had never even been in trouble previously. I think this should have been considered by investigation team during that time. Their job is to find a real crime, not to find the suspect fast as possible. Also,from the class discussion on how minorities or blacks tend to be stereotyped, this document shows the step of how minority tends to be stereotyped. Although someone is not in a guilty but is a minority or black, they could’ve become a suspect. Now we know that this could not be the enough reason to prosecute Butler. Throughout the course, I’ve learned many things related to criminology. The best thing that I remember is that not only psychology relates to the criminology but also sociological factor matters in crime motivation. Therefore, in the future I keep thinking how I should take care of my child(ren), and this course helped me to walk in a right

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