Muscle Burn Fat Research Paper

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To give an easy answer to that question would be to say "Yes. Muscle burns fat." However, there is more to the answer than just a simple yes.

First of all, there are areas of the body where fat can be more difficult to burn off than others. For women, one of those areas is the lower abdominal section. If you have had children and the weight gain that comes with it, getting that "pooch" area to go back to the way it was can be nearly impossible. Traditionally, when someone would ask if muscle burns fat, the answer would have been a simple yes, and then a suggestion that the person do crunches to work the abdominal muscles. However, there has been much improvement in workouts for our abs and the fat burning has become much more intense, because we are engaging more muscles all over the body--especially the abdominals.

Now, if someone asks, "Does muscle burn fat?", there are more in-depth answers that can be given. If you want to burn fat, the first thing you need to do is engage your muscles in some form of exercise, whether it be walking to get the large muscles of your legs burning, running to get the heart pumping
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Of course it does. But you have to get the large muscles of the body working and pumping to get the body to be able to burn off the fat even while in a resting state. For some, it is choosing to do a 30-minute kick-boxing workout. Generally speaking, that type of workout will get not only the large muscle groups working, like the arms and the legs, but it will also get the heart seriously pumping--and the heart is one of the largest muscles that the human body has. The heart gets the blood pumping, energizing the body to be able to do the workout and get the muscle groups fired up, which in turn begins burning body fat. If you work out enough, changing up your workouts and adding strength training with dumbbells to get the muscle groups of the arms more involved, you are burning fat all over the body--even when the body is at
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