Music And Community : Native American Music

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CALIFORNIA STATE UNIVERSITY Northridge Music and Community: Native American Music A paper submitted in partial satisfaction of the Requirements for MUS 309, Lecturer: “Gee” Rabe By Abhimanyu Ranjit Lalchandani Spring 2015 Introduction This paper will demonstrate the various analysis of the Native America music and some details about history of Native American Music and themes which represents the religion and music. It also gives importance’s to the music which are used based on the events and their significances of the person related towards the history. The broad view points of the Native American music which give the reasons why the songs are interested in the light of enjoying it. Analysis of Native America Music Native…show more content…
(Native American Music). The big part of the Music comprises of “life of Native American” as it’s played with most of their experiences. The Native American music gives a broad descriptions as to how the music were made. The usually would comprise of the “vocal” as it suggest to be the backbone of their style of music. It suspect that the music most important aspect it’s towards the way their “Voice”. Native American Music reveals the usage of “piano” works that have some elements related to the musical. (Native American Influence in the Piano Music of Louis W. Ballard). HISTORY OF NATIVE AMERICAN MUSIC In the history of Native American Music, is the major league of the "Sioux Nation" who are also known to be the first people. They were consisted of "7 different tribes" in the entire Great Plains. They took an advantage of the accessible "horses" which were mainly from "America". They know to be very "family-oriented warriors"(The Great Sioux Nation). It was the main reasons how they manage to be united together as a family. They followed a ritual that the men and women had a set roles which were given. The men usually would be protecting the lives of the family. They would "hunt" and have a war. Women basically would rule the "family life". People who represent the "Sioux" believe in "deeply spiritual". It represents by the dance and music. The "Sun Dance" which was believed to be the most valuable 'religious" used in the
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