The History Of American Music

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The history of American music begins with a fundamental process of exchange through all different social lines, where diverse cultures meet, and mix. Music has and always will be defined as sounds that are arranged in a particular pattern that are played to be meaningful and pleasurable. The chronology of music began in the Medieval period, when chanting was introduced into the Church. Music has then moved its way through many stages: renaissance, baroque, classical, romantic and leading up to 20th century American music. American 20th century music is made up of a diverse number of styles that are reflected by cultural traditions and the era’s of the past. Immigrants from Spain, France, England, Germany and Ireland all contributed and brought their own unique styles to the forefront, hence creating American music. African Americans created influential musical traditions that include rhythm and improvisation that were later combined with European traditions and other indigenous music.

Western 20th century music had began to be greatly associated with large orchestras, which enabled composers to use new forms of expression. It is said that the Civil War was the turning point for new American music. Many different traditions, from people of all regions, shared their musical styles with one another, becoming American folk music. The turn of the century was very important for American music, as fewer people were living in cities. By 1920, there was a massive breakthrough in…
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