Music And How It Can Heal People

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Music and how it can heal people is becoming a widely global trend. This is due to experts in music that have devoted their time and effort in developing new ways to use their expertise. One of the ways that they have discovered is the use of music as a therapy. Nowadays, Music Therapists have been added as a profession and are now breaking down the walls of silence and affliction of depression anxiety, autism, Alzheimer’s and Parkinson 's disease. Music therapy can be define as music performance without the ego. It is not about entertaining people as much as it’s about empathizing people. If an individual is able use music to slip away the past pain and gather insight into the workings of someone else’s mind, it will help and begin and…show more content…
Humans are also known to be the most problematic specie, they worry almost about everything, and some are serious through how their family will eat tomorrow to a not so serious thing like their clothes for tomorrow. These problems are the push factors on why they strive to survive, but, most of the time it 's just too much and they reach extreme fatigue in the body and in the mind. Very often words cannot express how they feel any longer and they rely on music to speak for them. For some reason there is this sensation that changes their mood from being happy to sad and vice versa. Music does not only affect the brain but also affect people 's lives for when words fail them music speak for them. Music can affect the brain through simply playing instrument or singing an individual will be able to use both right and left hemisphere of the brain. Which can be beneficial in terms of allowing the human brain to work in sync that makes communication of thoughts, information and responses more effortless, efficient, and coherent. Which also enhances an individual’s optimal performance, functioning, and mental and emotional health. In comparison to an unba-lanced brainwave patterns with restricted thought processes of a normal person. That enhances a human’s proneness to anxiety, depression, and weakened mental and emotional health (Mitchell, L.
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